IAS then MBA vs MBA then IAS

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    I am a B.Tech. 3rd year Civil Engr. student. My ultimate aim is IAS. But since things can go wrong so I have to prepare for a backup. I have two choices- 1) Directly preparing for IAS after B.Tech. and if not get selected after 2-3 attempts then appear for CAT and do MBA ( my aptitude is quite good) 2) Do MBA and job for 1 ( or 2 ) years and then appear for Civil Services , in case I fail then get back to corporate sector. I have my own perceptions about pros and cons of both but I would like to know it from senior players ( specially the IIM grads). I am currently in mood of 1st method. Please enlighten me.



    To participate in civil service exam it’s basic education qualifications is graduation. So if you want to be an IAS officer then not need of MBA Full Form. But if you have done MBA then start your preparation but after become IAS, to do MBA is totally pointless.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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